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In India, the concept of apartment living is not of traditional origin. People used to own their own plots of land and then made houses. The concept of apartments remained alien for a long time. However, this concept began to gain ground over a period of time and with the development of new regions, such as Greater Faridabad, the mult-storey apartments began to be developed . There are three main reasons which have contributed to growth of apartment-style living.


One, there was similar activity being undertaken in other countries of the world and the travellers to those cities were influenced by seeing how people used to live in skyscrapers. Cities like Singapore and New York have long been accustomed to this style of living. Second, the rate at which the population grew in India and the way urbanization happened in its cities, there was no other option but to provide housing vertically for the growing population. This model was adopted by asking private real-estate developers  to bring their projects. Third important reason for this development was the technological advancement which permitted creation of tall buildings for housing. With impetus to the realty sector in the last two decades, the property market has evolved from nascent to mature stage and there are different property products available today for meeting housing needs of different people.


Independent floors is one of these property products. This is a variant of the apartment-style living with the difference that there are no horizontal neighbours. BPTP Park Floors, and other similar projects, meet the following needs of living of niche segment of population.


Finds independent homes expensive

There is little doubt that the property prices which have shot through the roof has left many people unable to buy an independent home for themselves. The next best option is to opt for the independent floors. This fulfills their aspiration of getting at least get the same area for living which they would have got in their home.


Security concerns

Project like BPTP Park Floors are built within a boundary wall for added security and there is access control through the entry and the exit gates. With no chance of unauthorised entry or exit, the families are safe within its precincts.


Prefers to live in low-density population zones

These projects suit those people the most who like to live in areas where there is not much density of population. With not too  many people around, the area is relatively less crowded. They accept neighbours living vertically with them and believe that neighbours on same floor breach the privacy.

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